Safety gates are a great way to restrict the movement of the pet dogs inside the house. People can keep their room neat and clean by controlling the way their pets roam. Using good quality and attractive safety gates for their pets, house owners can not only keep the pet in the confined location but also can keep their family members and other household stuff secure and safe. Some of the different types and materials used for dog gates are as follows:


These gates are made of metallic material usually iron, wrought iron and sometimes steel as well. Most of the times, the gates are in the form of long cylindrical vertical bars that are thin in diameter and are separated from each other with small gaps in between. These are considered to be long-lasting type of dog gates.

Wooden Dog Gates

These types of dog gates are usually kept by those owners who are also concerned about the d├ęcor of their houses. While these gates are durable and long lasting, they also look beautiful and in sync with the interiors of the house especially the doors and the windows.

Free Standing Pet Gates

As the name suggests, these types of pet gates are free to move and can be carried away from one place to another. These types of doors are not mounted on any floor or any other fixture and are of portable types. As such they can be kept at any desired location inside and outside the house.

Dog Gates Extension

These types of extension doors are not doors in themselves; rather they help in extending the height and the width of the doors when the actual doorway is bigger than the door size available. Thus they can be used as an additional door over and above the main door.

Vehicle Pet Barriers

Another interesting type of dog gate is the vehicle pet barrier that allows the pet dog to keep safely while travelling. These types of dog gates are installed in the car and keep the pet safe and separated while travelling.

Soft Pet Gates

These are the heavy duty and soft pet gates that can be used in replacement to the metallic and wooden pet gates. They serve the same purpose as that of other gates and are not significantly different.

The above types of gates are the most common types of dog gates that can ensure the safety and comfort of the pet dogs in the house.